At cp2. we are dedicated to providing investors
with unparalleled opportunities in the field of core infrastructure investment.


What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure investment refers to the allocation of capital into the development, maintenance, and improvement of essential physical assets that support economic activity and quality of life. These assets encompass a wide range of sectors such as transportation, energy, water and sanitation, communication, and social infrastructure including schools and hospitals.

Infrastructure projects can be vast in scale, ranging from constructing highways and railways to building power plants and renewable energy installations. They serve as the backbone of economies, facilitating trade, enabling access to essential services, and promoting sustainable development.

What is Core Infrastructure?

cp2. divides core infrastructure into three main types with differing characteristics:

Economic assets

Linked to GDP growth (e.g. airports and ports; intercity and intracity toll roads and rail).

Utility assets

Regulated or contracted network assets (e.g. electricity transmission & distribution, renewables, water and telecommunications networks).

Social infrastructure

Fixed government payments to operate essential public services (e.g. hospitals, schools and student accommodation).

Why choose Core Infrastructure Investment?

Core infrastructure assets and businesses possess distinct characteristics that make them uniquely attractive to long term investors:

Long Lifespan

With lifecycles spanning decades, investors benefit from stable and predictable cash flows over an extended period.

Essential Services

Core infrastructure assets are vital for economies and societies. This helps underpin revenues even during times of economic stress.

Inflation Protection

Core Infrastructure assets typically earn revenue through regulated or contracted arrangements which enable them to pass through the effects of inflation.

Why would it benefit you as an Investor?

Investing in core infrastructure with cp2. can offer several significant benefits for investors:

Income Generation

Core infrastructure investments can provide a consistent and reliable income stream through dividends, lease payments, toll revenues or other user fees. These stable cash flows can supplement your portfolio and potentially generate attractive returns.


Core infrastructure investment offers diversification benefits by incorporating assets with low correlation to traditional equity and fixed-income investments. Including core infrastructure in your investment portfolio can help reduce overall risk and enhance long-term performance.

Potential for Capital Appreciation

Core infrastructure businesses often exhibit the potential for capital appreciation over time. As economies grow, demand for infrastructure services increases, driving the value of infrastructure assets higher.

Sustainable and Impactful Investing

Core infrastructure investment allows you to contribute to the development of critical infrastructure worldwide, supporting sustainable economic growth and improving the quality of life for communities.

Through cp2. you can gain access to a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets, benefitting from stable income streams, capital appreciation potential, and a sustainable investment approach. We are committed to delivering long-term value for our investors while making a positive impact on society.