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Interactive Timeline

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1997 Sell Side Research

CP2 was founded as the first Australian independent research house.  CP2 initially advised Australian and International superannuation and mutual funds on infrastructure and industrial listed equities and a sell side research provider.

2000 Infrastructure Advisory

Over time, CP2 developed a global client base and expanded its product offering. In particular, the business moved beyond looking at listed equities to also provide infrastructure investment research, valuations and other advisory services to pension funds in relation to unlisted investment opportunities. During these years, CP2 built up a client base of more than 50 pension and other institutional funds.

2005 Infrastructure Investment Management

In March 2005, a major Australasian government pension fund awarded CP2 its first discretionary global infrastructure mandate. Since then, we have focused on being an independent, infrastructure investment management firm and developed a global client base. Over time, our model has developed to become the current model where we partner with our client base of leading sovereign, pension and other long term focused funds.

Established in 1997, CP2, formerly Capital Partners, set out to discover high quality companies which in turn added value for their communities and investors that they served.


Our values

Our values not only drive our investment behaviour but are evident in everything the firm does.

CP2′s vision is to create a unique investment firm that will materially enhance the enduring wealth of all. It is our belief that businesses have a responsibility to the society in which they operate and that by supporting those businesses that creates sustainable value would benefit all stakeholders.


How We Do It

The CP2 process is the cornerstone of our outstanding performance as global asset managers.

Rigorously applied throughout all aspects of how we do business is the CP2 Process – an innovative framework for thinking – that illuminates optimal investment decisions.

It is the meticulous application and constant evolution of the CP2 Process that results in the exceptional risk adjusted returns we bring to our clients over the long term.


Our Partners

CP2 partners with like minded investors, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and similar institutions.  All of our partners are active long-term investors in the infrastructure sector globally.

Our relationships are based on collaborative partnerships in which CP2’s offering is customised to the needs of each investor’s infrastructure investment strategy.

For some investors, we work together continuously on all aspects of their programme.  Under this model, CP2 can assist in the establishment, development and implementation of a direct investment programme.  CP2 imparts its accumulated knowledge and processes to the long term benefit of our investor partners.

For other investors, we provide access to investment opportunities within defined parameters and act as ongoing asset manager of investments that are successfully acquired.

In 2007, CP2 identified Airportlink, Sydney’s Airport Train, as an underperforming asset, yet with attractive long-term core infrastructure fundamentals. CP2 partnered with other leading investors to purchase the 30 year concession and associated infrastructure. Since then, CP2 as asset manager, has directed a successful asset restructure. Today Airportlink accommodates more than 12 million passengers each year – a 6 million annual increase since CP2’s involvement. The results are a telling example of CP2’s mantra to enhance investors’ wealth, whilst simultaneously supporting the society in which the investment operates.


We Support

CP2 is proud to support the Melanoma Institute of Australia and the Melbourne Business School.

Melanoma Institute

CP2 is an active financial supporter of the Melanoma Institute Australia, in memory of founder, Peter Doherty, whom sadly passed away from the disease in 2011.

Melbourne Business School

CP2 has a close affiliation with the Melbourne Business School (MBS). Founder, Peter Doherty, obtained his MBA through the school in 1990, and it was there the foundations of CP2 were established with the guidance of Professor Bob Officer, a non-Executive Director at CP2.  In 2013, MBS established a course “Ethics in Business” in recognition of Peter’s commitment to ethics and business .