MBS – Product Support – Doherty Support of Ethics

In 1997 Peter Doherty (MBA 1990), his wife Sally Doherty and MBS Professor Bob Officer set out to create a business that would deliver value not just to investors but also to the community at large.

Source: Melbourne Business School -Thank You Donor Report 2013

Starting as an investment research firm, CP2 (formerly Capital Partners) is a specialist infrastructure investment management firm with offices in Sydney and London and a global client base of like-minded long-term Pension and Sovereign wealth funds.

”At the time, there were a lot of short-term investment decisions being made across the investment industry with little depth or research to back them up”, remembered co-founder and Managing Director Sally Doherty.

“We felt that if investors had access to quality, in-depth investment analysis, people would focus more on the long-term and make decisions that would ultimately benefit society.”Sally’s support of Melbourne Business School reflects this ethos. “Ethics in Business is one of the firm’s most strongly held values. Peter and I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t aligned to our personal philosophy about investing in a responsible way.”

Sally Doherty (Holloway)
Managing Director, CP2

Supporting the teaching of ethics at MBS in honour of her late husband Peter Doherty (MBA 1990), Sally reflects:

“The business school has a massive role in shaping people. Peter was extremely passionate about MBS. He was always proud and grateful for what his education gave him – the mentoring and connections and a confidence to take things to the next level. It’s my hope that MBS students think about the role they can play – and to make sure that they leave society in a better way than they found it.”