CP2 and the Pensions & Capital Stewardship Project at Harvard Law School Commence Collaboration

CP2 is most pleased to announce the commencement of a long-term collaboration with the Pensions & Capital Stewardship Project at Harvard Law School.

Under the leadership of Dr. Larry Beeferman, Director of the Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project, significant contributions have been made to the understanding of infrastructure as an investment for pension funds and institutional investors, to related governance and fiduciary-duty issues, and to the implications for pension funds of recently enacted financial markets reform legislation, among other important capital stewardship issues.

The independent research and activities supported by CP2 will include a focus on pension fund and other institutional investment in infrastructure, on the fiduciary-duty related terms of United States pension fund investment in infrastructure inside and outside the United States, and on infrastructure as a “real” asset. The results of the collaboration will be disseminated by the distribution of research papers, at the Pensions & Capital Stewardship Project’s Annual Conferences conducted at Harvard Law School, and in other forums, including forums jointly organized by Dr. Beeferman and CP2.

Dr. Beeferman, said “We are particularly pleased with the partnership with CP2 which is highly respected for infrastructure research, investment, and management. The Pensions & Capital Stewardship Project and CP2 share a strong commitment to advancing responsible and long-term investment in infrastructure, informed by independent research and extensive engagement with stakeholders.”

Steven Boulton, Joint Managing Director of CP2, said “CP2 is delighted to partner with Dr. Beeferman’s Pensions & Capital Stewardship Project at Harvard Law School. Dr. Beeferman has a global reputation for his excellence in research on pension fund stewardship and infrastructure investment and for his distinguished scholarship, and we know that our activities with him and the Pensions & Capital Stewardship Project will improve the understanding of infrastructure as an asset class and will contribute in an important manner to the insights that we can share with our investors and stakeholders.”

Dr. Beeferman added, “Many United States, Asian-Pacific, and European pension funds, including public sector ones, are relatively new to infrastructure as an investment. The results of our work are intended to be a resource for pension fund trustees and senior staff better to understand the meaning and relevance of investment in infrastructure and, in turn, to help inform their thinking about what investments they might make and why.”

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