Global Infrastructure Investment

cp2. is a specialist global infrastructure investment manager. For over 25 years, we have been investing in and managing core infrastructure assets that provide secure, stable, inflation-protected cash flows over the long term.

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What we do:
Investing in your future

Core infrastructure plays a pivotal role in shaping economies, improving the quality of life, and promoting sustainable growth. Our work focuses on economic and utility assets and social infrastructure that serve as the backbone of economies, facilitating trade, enabling access to essential services, and promoting sustainable development.


Long lifespan – Essential services – Inflation protection

Our Approach

We firmly believe in the power of long-term investment to generate stable and reliable returns for our clients. By combining our research driven stock selection process with a portfolio construction approach closely aligned to the economic cycle , we are able to safeguard our clients’ interests by providing both downside protection and upside potential.


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Our approach to investment
Successful Investing

A Track Record of Success

Our Team

From our pioneering beginnings to our present achievements, cp2. continues to thrive as a specialised infrastructure investment manager. With a focus on secure, stable, and inflation-protected cash flows, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value to our partners and investors.


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